How can I start using my e-Residency card?

As soon as you receive your e-Residency pack you can start using it.

First of all, you have to install the software, which you can download on Download the latest version available for your OS, open the installation file and follow the instructions on screen step-by-step (you can run the installation either in Estonian or in English).

After that, go back to the website and download and install the DigiDoc software. You should also be prompted to install the web browser extension. Please, do so.

Now that both the driver for the card reader and the software are installed, you can activate your card on as well as test it.

Plug your USB card reader in and insert your digital ID card in it. Hit the login button on the website and select the ID card option on the next step.

A prompt will appear on your screen and require you to choose a certificate, but unless particular circumstances, there will only be one choice available. Go on and you’ll be asked for your PIN1 number, which you can find inside your e-Residency pack.

That’s it! Your e-Residency card is active.

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