I cannot sign the company registration because my e-Residency card does not work with my computer

Sometimes it happens for a number of reasons. Usually, the problem is fixed by trying one of the following:

  • The card was inserted in the reader on the wrong side. Just remove it, flip it over and try again;
  • The reader simply can’t read the card: could be any reason. Remove it and insert it again;
  • You’re using it in your browser: check you’ve downloaded and installed all the required plug-ins, then restart your browser and try again;
  • There might be a conflict with other plug-ins: try to use another browser;
  • The PC can’t find the hardware: remove it, restart your PC, try again.

If none of this works, then it’s probably something you can’t solve alone. In this case, contact the official e-Residency technical support team.

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