E-Residency in Estonia: Pickup Locations


Welcome, since you have landed here, it means that you’re really interested in getting an e-Residency card, and you want to know where is the nearest place where you can pick up your Estonian digital residency. 

Now that you know the reasons why the Estonian e-Residency is an interesting program, thanks to our guide, which provides details about applying for your e-Residency card, now we can focus on the pickup locations. 


During the application process for getting an e-Residency card in Estonia, you are able to choose your pickup location. 
After the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board accept your application, in 2-5 weeks your e-Residency kit will be sent to the chosen pickup location. After that, you have 6 months to pick the kit up. 

In order to pick up your e-Residency kit you don’t need to come to Estonia unless your country doesn’t show up in the list of the adherent embassies you can find below.

You will be able to collect your e-Residency kit in Estonia, at the Estonian Police and Guard service points, or in some Estonian embassies around the world.

These are the places you can collect your e-Residency kit in  Estonia:

  • Narva service point (Vahtra 3)
  • Pärnu service point (A.H. Tammsaare blvd 61)
  • Tallinn service point (A.H. Tammsaare road 47)
  • Tallinn service point (P. Pinna 4)
  • Tartu service point (Riia road 132)

The following Estonian embassies have joined the e-Residency program, and for this reason, you can go and pick up your kit there, without booking a plane ticket to Estonia:

  • Australia, Canberra
  • Austria, Vienna
  • Azerbaijan, Baku
  • Belarus, Minsk
  • Belgium, Brussels
  • Brazil, São Paulo
  • Canada, Ottawa
  • China, Beijing
  • Czech Republic, Prague
  • Denmark, Copenhagen
  • Egypt, Cairo
  • Finland, Helsinki
  • France, Paris
  • Georgia, Tbilisi
  • Germany, Berlin
  • Greece, Athens
  • Hungary, Budapest
  • India, New Delhi
  • Ireland, Dublin
  • Israel, Tel Aviv
  • Italy, Rome
  • Kazakistan, Nur-Sultan
  • Latvia, Riga
  • Lithuania, Vilnius
  • Netherlands, The Hague
  • Norway, Oslo
  • Poland, Warsaw
  • Portugal, Lisbon
  • Romania, Bucharest
  • Russia, Moscow, Pskov and St Petersburg
  • Singapore, Singapore
  • South Africa, Johannesburg
  • South Korea, Seoul
  • Spain, Madrid
  • Sweden, Stockholm
  • Thailand, Bangkok
  • Turkey, Ankara
  • United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi
  • United Kingdom, London
  • Ukraine, Kyiv
  • United States of America, New York City and San Francisco

At the end of this page, you can find a Google Map that has pinned all the locations we’ve talked about above.


We hope that this blog has been helpful and clear, but in case, you need more assistance, please contact usour team will be happy and ready to solve any of your problems! 

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