Corporate Services

Quick implementation, reduced bureaucracy and low taxation makes Estonia a favourable jurisdiction. We also provide you with assistance in attaining corporate documents and other services.

Why start your company in Estonia?

Work without borders

Establish and manage your EU company digitally - from anywhere in the world - without having to travel.

0% income tax on retained earnings

Estonian companies are subject to 0% income tax for all reinvested and retained profits and a 20% income tax only for all distributed profits.

Quick and easy implementation

Establish your trusted European company in a matter of days through the seamless process.

Reduced bureaucracy

Reduced bureaucracy and administrative burden through a smooth digital journey focused on growth.

Other corporate services

  • Registered address and contact person
  • Registered address and contact person (5 years)
  • Registered address and contact person (10 years)
  • Proceedings in the e-Business registry
  • Liquidation of a legal person
  • Purchase and sales of shares
  • Registration of shares in the Central Securities Depository
  • Application for an EORI numberSecurities Depository
  • Application for a Legal Entity Identifier (LEI)

Corporate documents

  • Registry card (shareholders, directors)
  • Registry card (shareholders, directors, UBOs)
  • Registry card with full history
  • Articles of association
  • List of the Ultimate Beneficial Owners
  • Certificate of Estonian Tax residency
  • Extract from the Register of economic activities (Operating license)