E-Residency in Estonia: How to Apply?


E-Residency is a program that was launched by the Estonian government. Kaspar Korjus, the Estonian e-Residency Program Director, clarified the purpose of this project: “What we aim to do is to create a worldwide virtual business environment, where people from both the developed and developing countries can easily become entrepreneurs and start doing business anywhere in the world. Physical national borders and restrictions will no longer present an obstacle. You can start a business, open bank accounts, make transactions, sign contracts, and even declare taxes, all on your computer”.

Now that you understand the purpose and potential of an e-Residency card, let us help you get your kit!

Prepare all your documents

To make the process faster it would be helpful for you to prepare all the necessary documents.

Here is a list of documents that you should have ready for the e-Residency application process:

  • A CV or an online one (like Linkedin);
  • A digital file of your identity document (a travel document of your country of nationality or a European Union identity card);
  • A photo of your face, meeting the requirements for a document photograph. We advise you to pay attention to this step! Please also check the tutorial video here;
  • 100 euros on a credit card (accepted cart types are VISA, MasterCard Credit, and Debit cards);
  • In case it applies to you, you have to share information about your business activity.


To register and start your application process, click here, then “Create account” and insert your e-mail. An automatic confirmation message will be sent to you via email, and after you have confirmed it you can start your application!

You have two months to submit your application. If you have not submitted your application in 2 months, your user account will expire.

Reasons for applying

The first thing that you have to do when applying is to explain the motivation for applying for an e-Residency. The site makes you choose between three possibilities:

If you want to get an e-Residency to open a company and work in Estonia, you have to specify your case:

For each case, you have to complete different forms. For example, this is the requested information if you choose “I want to start a company in Estonia”:

In case your reason for applying is “developing Estonian science, education, and culture”, These are the questions that you have to answer to:
  • What will be or currently is your field of activity?
  • Which institution(s) / organization(s) in Estonia are you or will you be cooperating/collaborating with?
  • Please provide the details of your contact person(s) in the above-mentioned institution(s) / organization(s) – name and contact details
  • Please describe how your activity will support the development of Estonian science, education, and culture

In case your reason for applying is just “to be a member of the community of e-Residents”, these are the questions:

  • Why do you want to become an Estonian e-resident?
  • Please describe how you will support the Estonian economy, science, education, and culture as an e-resident
  • Have you ever visited or are you planning to visit Estonia?
  • Why are you interested in Estonia?

Personal details

Then they will ask you to provide  some personal pieces of information (name, surname, citizenship, …):

Identification details

This is the time to use documents that you should have prepared before, as a digital file of your identification document and your photo:

CV, social media, and bank accounts

In this section, you have to link your social media accounts, upload your CV (or link an online CV), and give data about bank accounts, personal accounts at payment institutions, and virtual currencies.

Trade bans and criminal background

In this section, you have to inform the Estonian authorities about your trade bans and criminal background:

Pickup locations

At last! You can now choose your pick-up location. There is a wide range of options including offices in Estonia or an affiliated embassy. If you need more information about the pick-up locations, you can check here.


The final step is to review your information, sign terms and conditions and give the last confirmation.

What happens next?

Here’s what will happen:

  • A confirmation e-mail will be sent to you, notifying you that your application has been submitted to the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board.
  • Usually, a few days later your application will be accepted for processing and it can take up to 30 days. The Estonian Police and Border Guard Board will keep you informed about the application process by sending reports to your e-mail.
  • If everything goes well, your application will be accepted and your e-Residency card will be brought to your pick-up location. This operation will take up to 2-5 weeks.
  • Now you have 6 months to go and get your e-Residency pack!


When you go and pick up your e-Residency kit you will get a box with the following items:

  • A personal card that contains the following information: name, surname, Estonian personal code, date of issue, and date of expiry.
  • An e-card reader.

Now you can digitally sign documents, encrypt and send documents securely, establish an Estonian company online, and more!


We hope that our blog has been useful for you, but in case, you need additional assistance or have unanswered questions, do not hesitate to contact us! Our team will be ready and glad to help you get your e-Residency card!

Need more information?

Contact us and tell us about your e-resident life! We can help you with business, taxes and more.

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