About us

Our ample expertise allows us to cover a wide range of legal fintech services and solutions.
We are experienced in all European jurisdictions, hence, we can offer support in any country.

Meet the team

Why work with us?

Trusted strategic advisors

FinTech Legal Center is home to a dedicated, pan-European team of lawyers and compliance advisors focused on FinTech with a valuable know-how on the newest technologies applied to the financial sector.

True pan-European presence

True pan-European presence With offices and representative offices in Estonia, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, we seamlessly provide fintech advice to our clients with activity in multiple jurisdictions.

Decades of experience

We have advised entrepreneurs across the FinTech industry on the development of different solutions to maintain a competitive business advantage with our 100+ years of combined experience.

Deep commercial understanding

We stay abreast of our clients’ business and digital strategies, and we are always up-to-date with the evolving regulatory, policy and commercial issues and related trends, as well as transactions and disputes across Europe.

Services that we offer

Licensing services

Fintech requires an impeccable reputation and multiple authorisations and licenses. A single mistake could impeach your company’s reputation and delay the launch of your business.

Accounting services

Our professional accountants will take care of your company’s or FinTech company’s accountancy, according to the Estonian laws and accounting standards.

Corporate services

Leaving it all to a professional, you can rest assured that all duties will be performed with accuracy and nothing will be left to chance. We can draft all the necessary document to carry out your business with success and deal with compliance authorities on your behalf.

Legal services

Thanks to our deep knowledge of this matter, we can help you assess the requirements your business is expected to meet both by national and international jurisdictions. We will also draft a custom-tailored privacy policy for your company.