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We provide services for natural persons, crypto-companies, electronic money institutions, payment services providers, investment firms, fund managers, forex brokers, gambling operators.

What E-residents say about the programme

“Estonia makes starting a company easy! This gives individuals (like me) the opportunity to conveniently operate their business virtually.”

What do we do?


Open a company in Estonia in a matter of days. We will help you with everything.


We provide accounting services for regular companies and crypto companies.


We have professional experience and knowledge in relation to licensing.


Experts in Privacy and GDPR, with knowledge in jurisdictions outside Europe.


Translations, tax consulting, company representation, EU Trademarks and more

Why choose us?

Trusted strategic advisor

Working with trusted strategic partners.

Knowledge in numerous fields

We have advised entrepreneurs across e-commerce, dropshipping, FBA, transport & locations, startups, retail for wholesale, business services, Fintech.

Up to date with the latest news

Always up-to-date with the evolving regulatory, policy and commercial issues and related trends, as well as transactions and disputes across Europe.

Representative offices around the EU

With offices and representative offices in Estonia, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, we seamlessly provide fintech advice to our clients with activity in multiple jurisdictions.

Pan-European team

E-residency services is home to a dedicated, pan-European team of lawyers and corporate services specialists focused on fintech with valuable know-how on the newest technologies applied to the financial sector.

Decades of experience

With deep commercial understanding and a team of highly experienced experts who have knowledge and background in multiple jurisdictions inside and outside the EU.

Why distinguishes us?

Efficient and responsible

Our team of experts ensure the success of our services.


We guarantee our customers the utmost confidentiality of the information provided to us.

We care

We are not a Company focused on numbers, for us every customer is equally important.

Enthusiastic team

We work with passion transferring energy and courage for innovation and change.